Benefits of Trading Cryptos as a CFD

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Here are 3 reasons you should trade Cryptocurrencies as a CFD.
Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are very popular these days. Many people have become interested in trading volatile cryptos, as it can be extremely profitable. While most do their trading on exchanges, some savvy traders are choosing CFD brokers to make their profits. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Fees and Trading
Investing in cryptocurrencies by buying and selling them directly can be difficult, and involve a lot of fees. For example, when you sell Bitcoin for US Dollars, you are often given less value for it than it’s worth on the ticker. Otherwise you’ll be on a peer-to-peer system which can be stressful and unpredictable. CFDs have a set spread, and when purchasing them from a reliable broker, are very secure.

2. Selling
If you own only Bitcoin, and believe it will rise, you need to buy more if it. How can you do that when you own only Bitcoin? You need, for example, US Dollars to buy more Bitcoin with. With a CFD, you don’t. You can buy a Bitcoin CFD with Bitcoin.

3. Leverage
Traditional buying and selling of Cryptos is done without leverage. In other words, it’s always 1:1. With CFDs, you can set leverage as high as 1:1000. You can buy a Bitcoin CFD for $100, with leverage of 1:1000, and you are actually buying $100,000 worth of Bitcoin. If the value of Bitcoin gains just 1% by the time you sell, you’ll make $1000 with that $100 investment!

If you're now convinced on the benefits of crypto CFDs, it's time to choose a broker and get started. We've listed the best Crypto CFD Brokers for you, and reviewed them in detail.

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